September 7, 2016

It was a flatter course today thankfully, by flat I mean only 40ish miles uphill. We’ve crossed states into Utah and are currently pitched in a RV park in Delta. Crossing states means that we’ve lost an hour as the clocks went forwards.


Today I set off earlier than usual, around 6-30am. The lads then wait a couple of hours and catch me up at around the 1/3rd mark. It’s better getting out earlier as the temperatures aren’t as high. The lads then wait around 1 – 1.5 hours before catching me again. However this gets harder as the temperature rises, it was 33 degrees today so they need to give me water more often. However after trying so many different methods, we’re definitely improving with the logistics.


I’m still on this bloody highway 50 and today has been especially lonely. We went around 85 miles without seeing a building.


The lads have got the banner on the van but there’s a funny story about that….. Rob went into the hardware store to ask for rope, duct tape and cable ties. The shop assistant laughingly replied, “I dread to think what y’all got planned!”.


Body is in decent condition, in fact this is probably my best day. The main pain areas are my hands and bottom, it’s manageable though. It has to be said I’m looking forward to getting out of the Rockies and onto flatter land. The hills are killing me and it drives my average speed right down, which in turn means less rest each evening.

Tomorrow we’re doing a detour into Salt lake City to get Jordan from the airport. I’m looking forward to his arrival and I know the lads in the van are too!

Crazy to think I will have been on the road a week tomorrow!



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