I am asked a lot of questions about the ride so I’m here is an FAQ page which I can refer people towards. If anything you wanted to know is missing from here then please ask.


What are you doing?

I’m cycling 3300 miles from San Fran to New York throughout 28 days in September 2016. You can read more about it here.


Why are you doing it?

I’m deaf myself and I have witnessed the effects of cancer first-hand therefore the aim of the ride is to raise money for children with deafness or cancer. There’s also family history in the ride with my father doing the same thing twenty years ago. You can read more information here.


How do you do this?

I basically get on the bike each morning at about 6am and ride for 8 hours. I am followed by a support team in an RV vehicle. This will be my living quarters for a month.


Will it be hard?

Given that I only started cycling in August, the ride is very much a challenging endurance feat with me needing to cover an average of 120 miles each day with no rest days. It will be very hard.


Which charities are you riding for?

Action on Hearing loss and CLIC Sargent. You can read all about my charity choices here.


How much do you hope to raise?

I’m aiming for at least £10,000. You can donate here.


What’s the route?

The route is currently being mapped and can be found here. If anyone wants to join me along the way they’re more than welcome.


Who’s in the team?

I am the only rider and one of my best friends (Robert) is the driver of the RV support vehicle. I am also hoping to be accompanied by various close friends and family members along the way.


How long have you been cycling?

I used to ride for fun whilst I was at university – around 6 years ago – but I quit in order to concentrate on my studies. I only actually started cycling again in August so I am, once again, a complete novice. I will have one years cycling experience when I take on America.


What bike do you ride?

I have no need for panniers because of my support team so I ride a normal carbon road bike. You can read more about my training bike here.


Tell me about your training?

I train about 5 times a week with the bulk of my riding on the weekends. Midweek I do strength and core weight exercises and various training techniques on the turbo trainer. You stay up to date with my training here, or follow me on Strava.


How much does a ride like this cost?

I estimate that the ride will cost around £8/9k for both myself and another person in an RV vehicle to cross America. This cost includes everything including a new bike.


Do you have any sponsors?

I am very lucky to have around 60% of the ride costs covered with various businesses financially supporting me, I will pay the remainder myself. They include AzoltHome Builder Scarborough and Grip Cycles. I am massively grateful.

You can find more information on sponsorship here or mail me at

I should also mention that lots of businesses that have generously given me discounts on their services/goods. There are too many to mention and I’m hugely grateful to them too.


Will any of the donated money go towards the costs of the ride?

All the money donated will go directly to children with deafness or cancer, absolutely nothing will be taken to pay for the trip expenses.


Is there anything I can do to help?

Absolutely! Firstly any donations can be made here. If you have any ideas or suggestions please don’t hesitate to contact me


Are you insane?

I’m not sure, my mother assures me I’m not.


More questions?

Please mail me



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I want to raise as much money and awareness as possible and I can't do that without your donations and help. Any amount - large or small - will contribute to helping children with deafness or cancer. Feel free to share, follow, tweet and please tell your friends and family about Ride For The Child. Whatever you can afford, it’s a small price to pay to improve these children’s lives.