September 6, 2016

Continuing through Nevada today I’ve cycled 115miles and only took one turning! We’ve had a few more hills today, around 6500ft. I had to climb for 20 miles at the start which was seriously killing me, then we had a lovely downhill bit for around 30-40 miles. I was thankful for a tailwind for the last 30-40 miles, that was a huge boost.


I’m currently on route 50 which is apparently the “loneliest road in America”, I can’t disagree with that. You don’t see anything for hours and hours, it’s mental.


I’ve seen some really nice animals today. First I seen two wild horses, at first I thought they were a statue until they turned their heads. I was cycling along and seen the shadow of a bird in front, looking up it looked to be an eagle! I knew it wouldn’t attack me but I was still bricking it, it followed me for a few miles until it turned off, probably realised not much meat on me. Rob also stripped off naked on Route 50, photos to follow!


My body is doing ok, thighs are a bit sore and so too are my hands feet and arse, but right now I’m feeling ok. The lads have been so good in the van, tending to my every need.


Day 5

Another tough hilly route today and there was also a headwind for about 80 miles which made this my hardest day so far. It was so cold in the desert this morning that we did’t set off until 8ish, this also meant that we didn’t arrive our destination until 7pm, it was a very long day!

S-2   S-5

Today I met a bloke who has WALKED from New York! He had been going around 180days and had another month or so to go. It was on a long straight road and I could see something and thought it might be a cyclist but as I approached I seen a bloke pushing a pram! At first I thought he might be the USA version of a gipsy but it turns out he’s an Italian called Martin (I think) who’s walking across America! I wish I could have spoken more to him but I was a bit overwhelmed with his whole situation and lost for words!

Tomorrow we enter a new state, Utah. This also means we lose an hour with a new timezone I think. On the 7th We pick Jordan up from Salt lake City Airport, we’re all really looking forward to his arrival!

For those asking, the tracker ran out of batteries, should be working ok again now.




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