September 3, 2016

You’re probably wondering where day one is. It’s coming soon, the lads are going to write it, lets just say it wasn’t pretty.


In bad condition I set out at around 6-45am on my 2nd day ready to climb the Rocky Mountains. It’s pretty cold in the morning so I had a jacket on etc. I knew this was my toughest day with a 60-70 mile climb. It’s quite hard to comprehend a road that goes up for 60 mile and it turns out it’s even harder to ride it.

RTP_9377 RTP_9383 RTP_9397

It was absolutely brutal. It’s not massively steep, with the biggest grade coming in at 14%, but riding uphill for 6 hours certainly takes it’s toll. In addition I was really struggling with the altitude. It’s a strange feeling, I wasn’t totally depleted of energy but I was gasping for breath, even downhill I was panting. The views were stunning but it’s quite scary cycling through the Rockies, I kept thinking I could see a bear!

RTP_9427 RTP_9430

My legs are feeling decent despite a tough few days and I’m looking forward to a relatively flat ride today across the Nevada desert!

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The van is excellent and we’re starting to get used to life on the road, despite being only two days in. The washing pile is a bit excessive though! Rob assures me it’s going to be sorted today! Rob has done an amazing job in the van, it’s absolutely massive (30ft) and he navigates it like a go kart. Matt is very useful indeed and it would have been so much harder had he not been with us.

Overall it’s been much tougher than I thought these first two days, but it’s no where near as hard as the challenges face by the children I’m raising money for, is it?



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