September 1, 2016

Day one got of riding got off to a flying start! We awoke just after 0500 hrs and Shane was feeling fresh apart from a small groin strain he had been nursing since riding the bull at the party night!

Everyone was excited and Shane set off. He was moving at a great pace. Everything was going well.

Shane gave us a bit of a turn as he made much more progress than we thought he would and he ended up waiting about 15 minuets for us to catch up!

He was on fire, downing energy shots we had bought earlier and making great progress. We ended up finishing the ride in record time at about 1425 hrs! Everything went fantastically!

….. After the ride is a different story! The heat, the speed, the 4 caffeine energy shots he had drunk when recommended no more than one per day took their toll!

He was a mess!

Too much sun and caffeine and his little ticker was off like the clappers! He couldn’t eat tea and was into bed early, assured that he would be better in the morning!



The story

The ride

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