• Wild Goose chase

    October 11, 2015

    Yesterday I planned a 60-70 mile round trip over to Wigan to see my Brother and his family. The route is fastest via motorway but obviously, being on bicycle, I would need to find alternate routes. I couldn’t foresee any …

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  • Chicken legs

    September 27, 2015

    As I mentioned in my last post I have now acquired a cycle trainer for the next year. I mentioned at the start of the week how I was worried about the lack of training hours and even more worried …

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  • Started my Training plan

    September 21, 2015

    Today I received my first ever training plan. I signed up to Transition Cycle coaching last week and filled out the questionnaire so my trainer (Jody) could sort my plan going forwards. Today I was allocated my first weeks training …

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  • Over 18

    September 20, 2015

    I wish I was referring to turning 18 years of age, unfortunatly I’m not. I’m referring to breaking 18mph average speed on a bike ride. I mentioned previously how I’m not concentrating on speeds and averages as such, I’m just …

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  • Tour De Lakes

    September 3, 2015

    Towards the end of August I went to Ambleside in the Lake District for a small cycling holiday in the hope that it would kick start my training. I set myself the aim of doing 40miles for 4 days and …

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