September 27, 2015

As I mentioned in my last post I have now acquired a cycle trainer for the next year. I mentioned at the start of the week how I was worried about the lack of training hours and even more worried about the weight training on my legs.

My friend Mark always used to call me chicken legs and rightly so as they’re long, dangly and there’s not much meat on them!

New blog post about these chicken legs!

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Jody (my trainer) has taken me back to basics and allocated me two weight sessions last week. I entered the gym on Tuesday like a spring chicken and left it barely walking.
I had to do some squats and lunges, followed by core exercises such as sit ups and planks. The sets had to be complete with a minimum amount of rest in-between and I was really feeling it towards the end. My legs had gone numb and I felt like I had lost all coordination, it was honestly a challenge leaving the gym and driving home.

This feeling is something I had never experienced on my bike as squats/lunges tear the muscles fibres deeper than cycling. I knew I was going to be in pain the next day, but I was excited at the thought of gradually building my legs muscles to cope with these exercises and then – hopefully – seeing improvements on the road.

I woke the next day and it was painful, getting out of bed was a real struggle. I was walking awkwardly for the following three days and any prolonged period of sitting/laying down resulted in the worst pains when getting up again.


Foam Roller

I did, however, find some respite in a makeshift foam roller at work. I read that it can iron the knots out in your muscles so gave it a whirl at work. I looked a right plonker laying on the floor, grinding against a roll of plastic whilst moaning in agony.
It really was painful, but as soon as I had finished my legs felt more flexible and the pain has subsided somewhat.

I purchase a real foam roller the next day and made good use of it for the rest of the week, especially following my next strength session and I was amazed at the results. Such a simple piece of equipment but it works wonders on sore muscles!

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I’ve been out today on a steady 3.5 hour (56 mile) ride and my muscles felt quite fresh thanks to my new orange friend. It has been a tough week and I’m looking forward to my rest day tomorrow.

It’s October this week so I will be writing my monthly review in a few days! Only eleven months to go!



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