August 24, 2016

My ride Is now only one week away and everyone is asking me the same question, are you ready? It’s a tough question and quite hard to answer.

How many times have you seen boxers say how they’re “100% ready” and in the “best condition possible”, I’m not sure if they truly believe that in addition to bigging themselves up. They can compare their condition to previous fights, but they can’t directly compare it to their opposition’s until they step into that ring and start fighting.

I have trained really hard this last year, harder than ever before. With me not being a cyclist – or an athlete for that matter – I have had to start completely from the ground up and I’ve put a lot of effort in. I’m in the best condition of my life but I still can’t really say if I’m ready or not until I get on the bike and start riding.

I should manage the first week or so as I’ve done that in training. It’s once I get into the second week and beyond that I will start struggling. That said, I haven’t experienced the heat and high altitude so that could throw a spanner in the works. There are also lots of other variables such as food, water and energy foods that all need to be similar, if not the same, to what my body has been used to over the past year.

“Four weeks, for 120 miles, 7-9 hours and no rest days! 28 days on a push bike is a long, long time”

I am mostly worried about the multiple days. Four weeks, for 120 miles, 7-9 hours and no rest days! Twenty eight days on a push bike is a long, long time. However I’m also looking forward to so many things. I’m desperate to get going now as I have been really feeling the pressure this month, it’s started making me a bit crazy! I feel sorry for Rob who has been on the receiving end of my wrath, sorry Rob!

In short I guess I’m as ready as can be but no, I don’t really feel ready!




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