May 31, 2016

12 weeks left!

Aims for last month

I need to get the banner for the RV designed and printed
Not done yet annoyingly and I really could have done with it for a video shoot last week. Had some issues with the designs. Need to get it done this month.

I need to make some inquiries about insurance over in America
Rob is on with this.

I need to find someone who can spend some time explaining the mechanics of the bike and how to fix/replace stuff. I can then possess the knowledge – in addition to recording it for reference – should anything go wrong.
I’ve got this booked in for 16th June at Evans Cycles!

This has been a really productive month and finally, after nine months of hard training, I’m starting to see some results on the bike. My trainer, Jody Warrington, said that things will come together and they really have this week. After all the struggles and negative thoughts for the past nine months this is the most positive I have been to date.

This weekend just gone I managed..

  • First ever back to back 100 miles, I did an 80, 101 and 108 on consecutive days
  • First ever sub 6 hour 100 miles, I got about 5h 52mins. I did the 108 miles in 6h 22mins, averaging a fantastic 17mph
  • Biggest ever ride elevation at 7100ft, only a handful of days are as hilly as this in America. However there are a few days in excess of 10,000ft
  • Most importantly after almost 300 miles in 3 days I’m feeling decent!

Things are getting quite hectic now and I’ve a lot of stuff coming up this month. I’m away this weekend riding in the Cotswold’s and then myself and my support man are doing a two day practice somewhere in the UK. I also have a fair amount of press, radio and general ride meetings coming up in addition to various fundraising activities.


Aims for June

  • Ride a 10,000ft
  • Do the two day test weekend, review and consider how day-to-day should work in America
  • Complete the maintenance course, video it and ensure I know what I’m doing



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