August 1, 2016

Every month I have said just how fast it’s going, but 4 weeks left just takes the biscuit. As the ride is approaching I’m starting to do final things, and this is the last monthly blog post I will write.

I’m writing this blog post from a room in London having completed Ride London with my friend Jordan yesterday. Expect a blog post on this in the next week or so.

We did it! #ridelondon

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My aims for last month

Draft the fundraising letters ready to be sent out in August

All done waiting to send these out and hope they bring some money in!

Ride a 10,000ft

Unfortunately I’ve not achieved this again. I’ve done around 7000ft and been riding lots of hills, but a 1000ft among my training would have been counter productive, I will do this in America.

I only have 3/3.5 more weeks left of training as I will be having some downtime with my fundraising party, and also to get myself to America. I’m currently doing consecutive days on the bike to prepare my body for the onslaught of no rest. I can’t do 100+ miles every morning so I counter than by just climbing hills each morning. It’s constant climbing for 3 hours around the biggest hills in my area, the Peak District.

Over four grand on the donations. Plenty of stuff planned for August before I start in September! Thanks to everyone who donated so far! #rideforthechild

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Fundraising has gone a little better this month. I’m now over £4000 with the gift aid and it’s starting to roll in a little more as it’s fast approaching. I can feel a bit more of a buzz developing and I hope that results in more donations. I’m going to really give it a good push this month and market the hell out of it.

I’m experiencing a lot of conflicting feelings, excitement/nervous, fit/not fit enough, done my best/could have done more. The mental battle might well be the hardest and it’s already begun.

Struggling to think of which aims to add for this month. I have broken them down into smaller tasks over these past 11 months and now I’m suddenly faced with a whopping one in four weeks! My biggest concerned right now is the fundraising, I would be gutted if, after all this effort, I didn’t reach my 10k target. With that in mind here are my aims for this month

  • Market the ride and absolutely hammer social media channels
  • Send all the fundraising letters to local businesses and organisations
  • Collect all the prizes for the fundraising raffle
  • Sort all the stuff out for the fundraising night
  • Relax!


Thanks everyone for all your support

Shane x



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